Psalter II

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I thirst for You, my God, and I will praise You.
I turn to You for protection, and I will praise You.
Do not desert me, but come to my rescue.

Long live the king, whom God has chosen!

The Lord God all powerful is with us, He is our fortress,
He rules the nations, praise His name.
He is wonderful and deserves praise, upon mount Zion.

God will rescue me from the clutches of death.
He says 'All I desire is a thankful heart'

Lord forgive my sins and do not take your Holy Spirit from me.
Now I am in Your house and You will love me forever and ever.
Only a fool would say that there is no God.
You have listened to my prayer and have rescued me.
Even though my friend betrayed me, You were true.
Even though my enemies attack me I still trust You.
You send me help, and I will sing to You in every nation.

God rules the Earth with justice.

Lord God You protect me and I will praise You.
You will give me the victory and crush my enemies.
Hear my prayer and take me to Your fortress.

Only God gives inward peace and He is kind.

I will pray, and praise my God for as long as I live.
Let the people of the Lord celebrate,
for He brings peace and happiness.
Our God, You deserve praise for Your mighty answers to prayer.
All you people, come and praise the living God.
All nations celebrate, shout and praise.
Our God is strong and we will praise Him.

I called to God to save me and He has listened.
I am poor and needy but He cares about me.
Throughout my life, though I have suffered He has rescued me.

Lord please help our rulers to be like you.

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Christian Poet This is part 2 of a 5 part work in which each line represents a single psalm.