Psalter III

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You Lord are all I need, I choose You as my protector.
Remember Your people Lord,
do not let their enemies continue to mock.
Everyone celebrates Your wondrous deeds,
and will sing Your praises.
Who can oppose the might of the Lord God?
I will remember the miracles of the Lord.

God has guided His people all though history.

Our God, come and rescue us from our enemies.
Lord God make us strong again.

God says 'Listen to me and I will give you the best there is'

Oh God, judge the nations, they are Yours.
Let them all know that You rule the Earth.
Lord, Your temple is the most wonderful place to be.
You will give us peace and bless us.

I praise You and thank You my God, for Your love can be trusted.

Zion is the city of the Lord, He will strengthen it.

Lord God hear my cry in the darkness.
Keep the promise You made to David and do not desert me.

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Christian Poet This is part 3 of a 5 part work in which each line represents a single psalm.