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God blesses those who hate evil and love His law.
He has made His kingdom in Zion,
all the nations will bow down before Him.

The Lord is my shield, He will protect me in the morning,
The Lord hears my prayers, He will protect me in the evening,
I cry to the Lord for help and He is with me,
Through His wonderful love He will rescue me.

Lord you always do what is right and love the righteous.
You have made all things and yet You care for me.
You have worked wonders and made me sing,
now show the nations Your Power.
You offer hope to those who suffer, and defend the defenceless.
You are a fortress, and show Your face to the righteous.

Help me Lord and keep me from evil.
Do not forget me, let me sing again.

Only a fool would say there is no God!
And only those who oppose evil may stay in His temple.

You Lord are all I desire, You are my guide,
Let me see Your face.
Save me from my accusers for I am innocent.
You are my defender, my place of refuge, my victory!
The heavens declare Your wonders my God.

May the Lord send you help from his temple
when you are in trouble!

Show your strength, Lord, that we may praise you.
My God hear my cry, do not desert me, for my strength is in You.
I will want for nothing for You Lord shepherd me.

Everything in the world is the Lord's and He is King!

Rescue me Lord, forgive my sins, protect me.
Do not punish me or cast me aside.
Let me live in your house, safe on the mighty rock.
I trust You to listen to my cry for help.

The voice of the Lord is mighty and marvellous.

Lord You saved me from the grave
and I will never stop praising You.
I trusted You and You delivered me from my enemies.
I confessed my sins and You forgave me.

Praise the Lord, worship Him with music.
Honour the Lord and He will send angels to protect you.
Shield me Lord from my attackers,
Your love is faithful, a treasure, providing shelter.

The Lord protects His people and destroys the wicked.

Though my illness I will trust You, Lord, to save me.
Do not be angry with me, let me smile again.
I have waited patiently for You, and you have listened to me.
Heal me, restore my strength. Praise God forever.

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Christian Poet This is part 1 of a 5 part work in which each line represents a single psalm.