Psalter V

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Praise the Lord for He rescues us.
I will praise the Lord for He gives us victory.
I cried "Help me Lord, save me from my accusers."
And the Lord gave me the victory.
Praise the Lord for His wonderful deeds,
He protects and prospers His people.
Praise the Lord through all time,
He brought His people out of Egypt with miracles,
The Lord alone is worthy of praise.

I will worship You Lord, for You have saved my life.
Praise the Lord for His unending faithfulness.
Celebrate! The Lord is merciful! The Lord is powerful!

The word of the Lord is like gold, a light to my path.

I cried "Save me Lord from liars"
The Lord will protect you from all danger.
Inside the house of the Lord there is peace.
Have mercy upon us, Lord.
The Lord sent us help in times of trouble,
He protects His people.

Praise the Lord for the harvest.
God will bless the homes of His people.
The Lord blesses those who obey his laws.

The Lord has set me free.
I am eagerly awaiting You Lord.
Trust the Lord now and forever.
The Lord will live in Zion forever.
It is so good to live together in peace.
Praise the Lord in the evening.
God is the only God, who has delivered His people.
God is good and his love never fails.

We could not sing the songs of Zion in a strange land.

I will praise You, Lord with all my heart, for Your protection.
You know my every thought wherever I am.
Protect me from my enemies,
Hear my prayer, my defender.
In my helplessness, protect and guide me,
With Your gentle Spirit lead me.

Come Lord and bless Your people.
Praise the Lord, celebrate and sing!
Praise the Lord, prisoners are set free, the blind can see.
Shout praises to the Lord! We are healed!
All creation come and praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord with a new song, shout His praise.
Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

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Christian Poet This is part 5 of a 5 part work in which each line represents a single psalm.