.. .. Pulse .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

To live, to breathe, to dream,
To feel a pulse.

Today Tuesday,
Dylan's rhyming on the radio.
Say hello to a new day
And feel a pulse.

Bridegroom, coming soon,
Sun is shining on a rainbow,
Never known the taxi's tune,
To feel a pulse.

City lights, bright nights,
Music's drumming on Long Row,
Park below Castle's heights,
Will feel the pulse.

To live, to love, to have, to hold,
To feel, to breathe, to dream .. ..

Over the rainbow, the radio
Sings songs of love, from far above.
Rides the white knight in a headlight.
Feel the pulse and dream! To live, to dream.

Feel the pulse, the pulse, the pulse .. .. .. ..
© 2002 - All rights reserved

Christian Poet