Midnight came and went in its accustomed way,
Not waiting or wanting to change.
Cold climbed carefully into every crevice,
Determined for once it would stay.

Streetlight pushed and pressed, fighting against night's sway.
Which circled the sodium glow.
Dropping pools of orange, whispering brightness.
But still the dark held it at bay.

Warm breath emerged, misted and decided to play,
In fogging and dancing about,
Clinging wetly onto everyone's face,
A chance at last to have its say.

Wet road drifted along to where its path lay,
Returning to go back again,
Bored with the pattern, moaning through the stillness.
Tomorrow will change to today.

Time cuddled into night, as only time may,
Then slowly released its embrace,
Gripping its hours and weighing the seconds,
Before allowing sun's ray.

Darkness left, after turning by the hour to grey,
And losing its grip on the world.
Dawn dragged slowly, revealing the sunlight.
Across the land begins a new day.
© 2000 - All rights reserved

Christian Poet