Shadow of a Cross

Hurting women, and broken men,
Where pain is pain, and gets no relief.
Disjointed; Association;
Together as none;
They are covered by the shadow of a cross.

She stumbles on, a bleeding heart.
Where one is one, and nowhere to turn.
Dislocated; Isolation;
Together as none;
She is covered by the shadow of a cross.

A hungry child, a starving son.
Where rice is rice, and never some more.
Distended; Destitution;
Together as none;
He is covered by the shadow of a cross.

And I stand in the shadow of a cross,
And I see the tears he bled,
And I gaze in wonder,
At the life he led.

And I see healing, and forgiveness,
And I see the people fed.
And I look at lives rebuilt,
Touched by hands still red.

And this is all just for me,
And despite all that's been said.
And I cling to my saviour's hand,
Holding tight wherever I tread.

In the shadow of a cross.
© 2001 - All rights reserved

Christian Poet This poem was half written at Spring Harvest, and finished off when I got home.