Psalm 1

Almighty God who made the heavens and the earth,
Before the world began you are!
Creation bows before Your Majesty.
Days and nights pass but You are unchanging.

Every day you provide for Your people.
Freely You give Your love,
Generously and not holding back.
Heaven looks on in wonder and awe.

I will praise You while I am alive,
Joy fills my soul to glorify You.
Knowing You is my desire.
Loving You is my life.

My heart jumps when I hear You call,
Never stop speaking my name.
Over and over again I want to hear Your voice.
Pour out you words upon me.

Quicken my heart,
Release my soul.
Show me Your will.
Take me for Your own.

Unending praises are due to Your name,
Voice! shout out! Trumpet! sound!
Wherever Your people are,
Xylophone! strike! and bells! ring!

You are unfailing in Your love for me,
Zealousness for You is my desire.
© 2000 - All rights reserved

Christian Poet