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I was baptised in a Baptist Church when I was 15, got married at 24 in a Methodist Church, have worshipped in a small Methodist Tin Tabernacle, where our 2 daughters were dedicated, and now worship in an Anglican / Methodist Local Ecumenical Project.

In Church I am part of the worship group, usually playing bass, although I also play 12 string guitar when required, and occasionally didgeridoo or mandolin.

I apologise that the site doesn't change that often. My creativity is low because I have a full time job as an analyst/programmer, and no discipline to just sit down and write, well away from the temptations of the computer; Facebook is a well known stealer of time. I have also been known to spend hours trying to convert songs in my head to written music (either sequenced or manuscript) because my keyboard playing is out of time and bad, and finances do not run to a MIDI guitar.

I now have an even bigger drain on my time than teaching myself the didgeridoo (easy any fool can do it), I appear to have become a webmaster by default; the sites that I have been involved with are on the links page, and to add to my problems my wife is never convinced that the decorating is complete.

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