About the Site

Initially this site has been set up to collect together some of the work that I have been creating over the past few years. This will be an ongoing development. I am not terribly prolific and there is a lot of half finished material hidden in notebooks around the house awaiting completion.

The overriding design criteria was that pages should not take hours to load. Graphics have been kept to a minimum, and irritating flashing lights, bells and whistles have been left out.

Structurally the site is a simple tree, but since it is only four levels deep, searching and navigation bars have not been included. The Poetry logo can always be used to get back to the home page, and on the deeper pages, the page description in the top right hand corner of the screen will also act as a back button.

Where music has been included, it will be as MIDI and will appear at the foot of the page. It will not start unless the play button is clicked.

Site History A brief time line of the development of the site.